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Production and sale pure cold-pressed hazelnut oil Baldaiassa

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Baldaiassa has been dealing since 2009 with the production and sale of pure Hazelnut Oil, obtained exclusively by means of mechanical cold-pressing, of selected hazelnuts variety Tonda Gentile Trilobata grown in Piedmont.

The cold-pressing process is carried out entirely in the hazelnut processing laboratory, by means of hydraulic presses, daily, on small batches of raw shelled hazelnuts or toasted hazelnuts, so that there are no reservations on the quality of the resulting pure oil and that its storage after the sale can reap the maximum benefit: to date, pure hazelnut oil Baldaiassa has a minimum shelf life of 18 months from the bottling date.

Immediately after its cold-pressing, the pure hazelnut oil Baldaiassa rests in stainless steel drums for food use, to allow slow decantation, without undergoing aggressive filtering procedures. Careful chemical-physical analyzes are then carried out, and finally if the measured values deemed suitable, packaged for sale in 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml bottles or in 1 liter cans.

During its production no chemicals are used, neither in the cold-pressing phase nor in the following ones and for this reason the pure hazelnut oil Baldaiassa can be used both in the food and in the cosmetic field, where it is widely used for the care of the face, skin in general and hair.

Pure hazelnut oil in traditional Piedmont recipes

 Antique postcard Hazelnut Oil - Baldaiassa

The pure cold-pressed hazelnut oil certainly deserves "Ad honorem", one of the first places in Italian food specialties from Piedmont, for its use in the typical cuisine of this region as edible oil and for its most recent and fascinating history , which brings us back to the period of the second World War.

The meeting between pure cold-pressed hazelnut oil and the typical Piedmontese cuisine, has the slightly bitter taste of a historical moment and a context, the peasant one exactly, in which the need to survive won over everything. It is thanks to this force of "despair" and the scarcity of edible fats, that ingenuity found its best stimulus, leading to the intuition that a pure oil could be extracted from hazelnuts with a cold-pressing technique similar to that used for grapes in wine production.

So it was that in the Piedmont countryside, the most enterprising families produced pure hazelnut oil cold-pressed by means of artisan presses, only for their own use and strictly at night away from prying eyes.

The oil thus obtained, "pure cold-pressing of hazelnuts", kept unchanged its chemical structure and natural authenticity, allowing for good conservation and its subsequent use in the cuisine... this was how the pure cold-pressed hazelnut oil met the typical Piedmontese cuisine.

Baldaiassa hazelnut oil produced in Piedmont as in the past

Now as then, Baldaiassa deals with its production and sale in compliance with the ancient Piedmontese cold-pressing methods, with the only difference compared to the past, to be able to benefit from greater scientific knowledge and to apply stricter hygiene and health standards, improving the quality of the final product to guarantee the consumer more.